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Came into the line of Machine Tool Accessories in 1988, OLICNC® was legally registered in 2004; Bought land at No. 9 Quanxin Rd., Sishui Economic Developing Zone, Jining, Shandong in 2007 and built new factory on it, occupies an area of 15320, workshops and office building are over 11000. Now OLICNC®  consists of related technology, processing, trading and service, as a professional company to serve for our clients, employees and society entirely.


OLICNC® mainly manufactureTool Holders for machine tools Components for wood-working machines, as well as local Machine Accessoriesbelongs to the line of Machine & Tools. OLICNC® main products are necessary Tool Holders in lathing, milling, drilling, grinding, boring, planning, CNC Machines or Machine Centers, including variety of Spring Collets, Collets Chuck Sets, Mill Holders, Tapping Collets, Rough or Precision Boring Heads, Drill ChucksLive Centers and so on. Meanwhile, OLICNC® can also supply Machine Accessories like Lathe Chucks, Steel Clamping Kits,Machine Vises, Bench Vises, Dividing Heads, Rotary Tables and Magnetic Chucks., etc. Additional HSS Thread Tools and Tool Bits can be supplied. All these items from OLICNC® are in series of different common sizesBesides above exiting ones, OLICNC® can also make and supply the goods as delivered samples of drawings.


With CNC machines and advanced testing methods, OLICNC® put our manufacturing and management under the strict control of ISO9001, offer team service in process, fully manage each details during every step accurately and meticulouslyWe insist on the principle to keep our words honestly, Quality first and clients go above everything, not only quality and precision products to be delivered, but also corresponding technological service before and after saleThese years OLICNC® has already exported 85% of

annual output to more than 40 countries and regions worldwide, and come to attract widespread good review and close attention from the clients at home & abroad.


OLICNC®  devotes ourselves to rely on companys solid platform, striving team and nice reputation to establish our brands of OLICNC & OLIMAOLICNC® pays attention to any inquiry and welcome business visit or negotiation at our factory. OLICNC® likes to cooperate between each other at a long term and dedicate to meet our clients’ top demands on products and service at most.


OLICNC® is the legally registered brand by OLI MAchine, registered No.: 14226215

OLIMA is the short name of OLI MAchine

       Its social credit code is 913708317697254148 



Contact: Olima LEE

Phone: +8613505470902

E-mail: olima@olimachine.com

Add: N0.9 Quanxin Rd.,Sishui Economic Development Zone,Sishui,Shandong,China

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