HSK Tool Holder

1. The tool holder 1:10 taper accuracy ≤ AT3 and some standard sizes are all tested on the standard inspection tool made in Germany.
2. The inner cone is tested with a standard pneumatic measuring instrument, and the contact area ratio of the big end is over 90%.
3. The cone jump in the body of the tool holder is ≤0.002.
4, the tool holder is coaxial, with 0.005mm/0.008mm collet, the comprehensive precision is not more than 0.005mm/0.008mm.
5, the handle is suitable for medium speed precision machining
6. Dynamic balance: G6.3 12000/18000RPM G2.5 15000/25000RPM can be made according to demand. It can also be customized according to customer requirements.
7, ER collet has elasticity, suitable for holding drill bit, reamer, milling cutter and wire tapping tool.
8, ER16/ER20 tool bar has another M type to choose from.
9, ER arbor can be additionally equipped with steel ball nuts and wrenches, ER wrench is an alternative.
10. Material: 20CrMnTi.
11. hardness: HRC54 ° -60 °.
12. Carburizing depth: >0.8.


Add. : No.9 Quanxin Rd.,Sishui Economic Developing Zone,Sishui,Shandong,China

Machine tools HSK63A/100A Collet chuck for CNC 


Product parameter and diagram

 2,Production standard:DIN69893
 3,Place of origin:Shan Dong,China
 5,Sale area: USA,Poland,England,Canada and so on.

Different kinds of HSK TOOL HOLDERS




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