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Standard of Different Tool Holders

The tool holder is the connecting body of the machine tool and the tool, and it is a key link that affects the concentricity and dynamic balance. It must not be regarded as a general component. Concentricity can determine whether the cutting amount of each cutting edge part is uniform when the tool rotates one circle.

At present, tool holders in the world are mainly divided into 7:24 tapered shanks and 1:10 hollow taper shanks according to the interface between the tool and the spindle.

The 7:24 taper tool holders can be divided into different standards according to different standards:

NT (DIN 2080)

BT (MAS 403 JIS B 6339)

SK (DIN 69871)

JT (IS0 7388/1)

CAT (ANSI / ASME B5.50-1985)

1:10 taper handle has HSK handle


Let's check it details one by one :


NT (DIN 2080): No robot card slot, no error-proof function, with cylindrical tail, with tightening bolt hole.

On traditional machine tools, the tool holder is tightened by a tie rod, and other tool holders are tightened on the machining center through the pull pin at the rear of the tool holder.


BT (MAS 403 JIS B 6339): With manipulator slot, no error-proof function, with stud bolt hole, internal cooling hole method is optional.

Type BT is a Japanese standard, and the installation dimensions are completely different from DIN 69871, IS0 7388/1 and ANSI, and cannot be replaced. The symmetrical structure of the BT type tool holder makes it better than the other three tool holders in high speed stability.


SK (DIN 69871) with manipulator slot, with error-proof function, with stud bolt hole, internal cooling hole is optional.

There are two types of DIN 69871, namely DIN 69871 A/AD and DIN 69871 B. The former is central internal cooling, the latter is flange internal cooling, and the other dimensions are the same.

4.ANSI B5.50 is an American standard. The installation dimensions are similar to DIN 69871 and IS0 7388/1, but because of the lack of a wedge notch, ANSI B5.50 tool holders cannot be installed on DIN 69871 and IS0 7388/1 machine tools. 69871 and IS0 7388/1 tool holders can be installed on ANSI B5.50 machine tools.

5.The German standard for HSK vacuum tool holders is DIN69873. There are six standards and specifications, namely HSK-A, HSK-B, HSK-C, HSK-D, HSK-E and HSK-F. There are three commonly used ones: HSK-A (With internal cooling automatic tool change), HSK-C (with internal cooling manual tool change) and HSK-E (with internal cooling automatic tool change, high-speed type).


How to keep it long service life ? 

1. Reduce the contact of water vapor on the human body with the knife handle, try not to grab the knife with bare hands, and apply anti-rust oil in time after grabbing the knife with bare hands;

2. When manually installing and removing the handle, develop a good habit of applying anti-rust oil after the handle is removed and before installation;

3. Regularly check the concentration of the coolant to prevent the decrease of the concentration of the coolant, the multiplication and breeding of bacteria, and the acceleration of the rust of the knife handle;

4. The anti-rust aging of the coolant is different, so choose a suitable coolant;

5. During the holidays, cleaning and rust prevention of the knife handle before the factory holiday is essential;

6. Knife handles that are not used for a long time must be preserved with anti-rust oil and reapplied regularly



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