BT40 ER16 Angle Head chuck

The tool holder is a kind of clamping tool or workpiece clamping device, usually used in drilling and milling machine and machining center.
High quality and competitive price,
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Used in drills,turning tools,boring heads/bars,milling cutters etc.
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Machine Tools AG90-ER11/ER16/ER20/ER32/ER40 90 Degree CNC Angle Head Horizontal Milling Head Side Milling Head

Product Description

Angle head is a commonly used machine tool accessory. After the angle head is installed on the machine tool, the tool output

center line and the machine tool spindle center line can be processed at a specific angle to process the workpiece. It is widely

used in energy, aviation, automotive, mold and other mechanical processing. each field, Can complete milling, drilling, tapping,

boring pins and other processing procedures. The use of angle heads can greatly increase the processing range and adaptability

without changing the structure of the machine tool. It can realize vertical and horizontal conversion of five-sided processing and

specific angle bevel processing, and make some difficult to complete the traditional methods such as deep spaces in small spaces.

Processing is realized, and at the same time, repeated clamping of the workpiece can be reduced, and the processing accuracy and

efficiency can be improved.

Precautions for using angle milling head

1.  Check whether the weight of the angle milling head meets the weight requirements of the machine tool magazine. (If it does not meet the recommended manual installation angle milling head)
2.   Check whether the tightening bolts are loose before the angle milling head needs to be processed after installation.
3.   Check whether the positioning pin of the angle milling head fits tightly with the groove of the fixing block.
4.   Check whether the limit pin is completely separated from the positioning ring before use.

Precautions for using angle milling head

5. Do not use the angle milling head for continuous processing for a long time. It is recommended to stop the machine for 5
minutes after processing for two hours to prevent the overheating of internal parts such as the internal shaft gear of the
angle head. (If you need to process for a long time without stopping, it is recommended to buy multiple angle milling heads
for replacement).
6. Need to inject a little lubricating grease with an oil gun every week to lubricate the gears.
7. Anti-rust treatment is required when the angle milling head is not used.
8. It is strictly forbidden to use a speed exceeding the maximum speed range of the angle milling head. Generally, the maximum
speed is within 70%, which can be used for a short time.

Precautions for using angle milling head

9. It is strictly forbidden to knock the angle milling head shell vigorously to prevent the damage of internal bearing gears and other parts.
10. When using the angle milling head, keep the input tool holder and output inner cone clean.
11. Bottom pad before installation. A cushion pad to prevent the angle milling head from falling and hurting people.

Product Photograph


Aluminum plastic box packaging

Packaging :Aluminum plastic box or as clients' requirement

The outer packaging is repacked in a carton for multiple protection

Delivery time :Normally ready goods within 15days , Orders about 30days

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